Living a Vegan Loca: Save your money!

Money is tough when you’re a student, everyone knows that. But shopping for a balanced and diverse vegan diet doesn’t have to be expensive for difficult, if you take these top tips into mind and put them into action, you’ll see that a vegan diet is viable option for the standard skint student!

Beware of “supermarket staples”

Stay away from branded stapes such as soya milk or vegan-friendly margarine as these are just expensive as their dairy siblings. Shops often sell plant-based milks that are just as good and often cheaper.

Frozen veggie burgers, sausages and mince are inexpensive but boring. To add some flavour, you could buy “dried veggie packet mixes” which are often found near the seasonings and happily experiment with them.

Reduce your spending

Take a trip down your local shop or bakery near closing time, you can often benefit from dramatically reduced prices on bakery and fresh produce. A wide variety is likely to be on offer such as bread buns to puff pastry that would end up costing pennies! Items like bread and pastry can be put in a freezer and defrosted later, to last you the whole week.

Explore and discover

Explore shops that specialise in in selling food from other countries are a good source of discovering new and delicious food. A good example is tofu; it is normally a lot cheaper in Chinese shops than other shops. You could also find interesting noodles, cooking sauces or spices to add zestx to your meal.

Stop impulse buying!

It’s a common tip, but it’s an effective method of saving your money. Try not to go food shopping when you’re hungry because you’re more prone to fall victim to “I’ll just treat myself to these vegan chocolate truffles, I deserve it!” It is much easier to resist non-essential food purchases if you do your food shopping after you’ve eaten.


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