Warning to residents of Peterborough to not approach these wanted men

Friday April 22, police have warned the Peterborough area of two dangerous men who are wanted on recall to prison.

Darren Gallagher, aged 47, is wanted on recall to prison for breaching the conditions of his license, he is believed to be in the city as he has links the Peterborough area.

Gallagher was jailed for five years for being a “career criminal” who travelled around Norfolk and surrounding counties and carried out a string of doorstep burglaries  targeting elderly and vulnerable people telling them they needed building work carrying out.

One of the victims of his doorstep crime was a 91 year old registered blind woman, who is partly deaf, who he conned out of £6,000.

Rickey McGrath, aged 26, is wanted on recall to prison after breaching the conditions of his license, the police believe McGrath is in the Whittlesey or Wisbech area.

McGrath was originally jailed for dangerous driving when could have killed up to 20 people.

He leapt from an Audi car he was driving and let it roll through the level crossing barriers in Norfolk.

In 2012, the First Capital Connect, which runs trains on the busy Fen Line between King’s Lynn and London, said:

“Luckily no-one was hurt but this man’s reckless action could have caused a major incident, injuring or claiming the lives of ‘scores’ of people.” – First Capitol Connect

Also, during the trail in Norwich Crown Court in 2012, McGrath admitted to escaping from King’s Lynn Magistrates Court, on October 1, and aggravated vehicle taking in July 2012, when the court heard he had driven at speeds of 107mph on stretches of the A47 in Cambridgeshire.

Anyone with information should not approach these men but call Norfolk Police immediately on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.



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